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Best Salmon Delivery Service

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Convenience is seriously everything when it comes to the hustle & bustle of life in 2020. This year has been seriously insane between the pandemic, lockdowns, empty grocery store shelves, and trying to stay healthy ( and sane ) with your favorite restaurants being closed. If you love eating out, you’ve probably spent more time in the kitchen lately. So finding ways to eat the things you love, stay healthy, and not have to worry your favorite brands are out of stock at the store is EVERYTHING.

As we’ve explained many times, salmon is absolutely delicious and a true health food. We love it because you can cook it in different ways, and it’s still delicious and nutritious! It works with almost every diet plan whether you’re trying to eat keto or paleo. You can pair it with virtually anything and cook it in the healthiest way possible, and it still hits the spot as far as taste goes. Salmon is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, potassium, and selenium. It’s good for your brain, waistline, and overall health and wellness.

So, what is the solution when it comes to finding healthy, convenient, delicious, and SUSTAINABLE salmon on the regular? Salmon DELIVERY. Yes, direct to consumer salmon is officially a thing, And we’re here to tell you about the absolute best salmon delivery service. We may be slightly biased, because full disclosure: this is our sister company! But hey, can you blame us? Ocean raised, ocean loved salmon is now being delivered right to your doorstep via Oshēn Salmon.

The Best Salmon Delivery Service

Is this your first time learning about salmon delivery services? If yes, then you came to the right place. Oshēn salmon is truly the first of its kind. It’s sustainable, beautiful, delicious salmon delivered in a temperature-controlled environment, directly to your door. Get small quantities or large quantities, whatever floats your boat!

Oshēn Salmon

Oshen practices sustainable and ethical aquaculture to lead the industry in helping promote and develop a cleaner and safer environment. To do this, Oshen believes that it starts by giving the consumers the option to order ocean-raised, ocean-loved salmon for delivery.

Living the Best Aquaculture Practices, Oshen facilitates a purposeful and renewable way of buying seafood. You will eat salmon right in the comforts of your home. Oshen firmly says no and is committed to excluding growth hormones, microplastics, and heavy metals from their fishes.

These approaches make them the best delivery service of sea to table salmon. We don’t just ship fresh king salmon! We adhere to the highest standards in handling and raising the salmon from egg down to delivery.

Oshēn practices a direct to consumer approach.

It starts with the salmon eggs that are safely cared for in a healthy ocean environment. The hatched eggs are then isolated in Chile’s cold-water fjords, where Oshen works with community-supported fisheries, veterinarians, and staff.

The salmon are then harvested sustainably, flash-frozen, and shipped. They are immediately sent to the US and straight to your doorsteps.

How to Order Fresh Salmon Online

Go To Their Website

First things first, go to the Oshēn Salmon website and. On the home page, you’ll immediately see the products, transparent sourcing, and sustainability.

Start Ordering:

Go to Our Products page to view all the products. Currently, Oshēn provides three purchasing options. They are:

  1. The One Night Stand in 2lb boxes
  2. The Entertainer available in 5lb boxes
  3. The Oshen’s Twelve available in 4.5lb boxes
Complete Your Purchase:

Select your Oshēn salmon, enter your zip code, and checkout. Your order is processed in 2 – 3 days. Wait for your tracking information. We send your order via overnight shipping. Easy peasy!

Oshen salmon also offers subscription services. You can receive 10% off when you subscribe.

How The Salmon Arrives At Your Door

Ocean Raised, Ocean Loved

We care for and nurture the salmon 24/7. So once they’re ready for sustainable harvesting, we bring them from southern Chile to the US. They are stored in coolers at an optimal temperature.

Fresh Travels

We bring the salmon to the US through cargo or passenger flights to produce the least carbon footprint. The portions are flash-frozen to avoid the formation of ice crystals and ensure freshness.


The salmon arrives on your doorstep in a white branded box by Oshēn. The box has temperature-controlled insulation to keep the fish fresh.

Also, because of the freshness of the salmon, you can eat it right away. But if you’re looking to share it with friends and family, you can put it in the freezer for up to a year!

Ready to Order?

So, are you excited to get fresh, delicious, sustainably raised salmon right to your doorstep? If so, order for your next party or an intimate dinner for two. You can also order for you, your friends, and family for special occasions or the holidays! We’ve got your back.

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