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Why Is Sustainability Important?

The Ripple Effect

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Why Is Sustainability Important

Sustainability is a concept related to the development of products, goods, and services that involves meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. Sustainability as a concept recognizes that the environment is an exhaustible resource. Therefore, it is important to use the environment and its resources rationally and protect it for the good of the Earth, our environment, humanity, & all living things.

While most people associate it with the environment, sustainability can be explored in various other contexts, including economic development and social responsibility. These contexts include the Earth’s carrying capacity, the sustainability of ecosystems, occupations, behavior patterns, and so on.

In a sustainable society, humans live in harmony with the natural environment, conserving resources for their future generations, so that everyone enjoys social justice and a high quality of life.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations. In the corporate world, sustainability is associated with an organization’s holistic approach, taking into account everything, from manufacturing to logistics to customer service. Going green and sustainable is not only beneficial for the company; it also maximizes the benefits from an environmental focus in the long-term.

Here are the major benefits of embracing sustainability:

Ensures a Future For All

Regardless of who we are, where we live, and what we do, we all have a moral obligation to each other, our future generations, and other species to sustain the planet. Our present choices and actions have huge long-term impacts on future generations. Practicing sustainability ensures that we make ethical choices that bring a safe and livable future to everyone. If we deplete the resources of the Earth, future generations will be depleted. For example, if we over fish our oceans, we risk not only depleting the supply of fish, but also depleting the supply of every organism in the food chain related to that fish.

Reduced Energy Usage

Sustainable business practices lead to a significant reduction in long-term energy costs. Some quick initiatives, like switching to energy-efficient lighting, according to production schedule, reduce long-term electrical costs. Using solar and wind energy, along with energy-efficient equipment, reduces monthly utility bills. Reducing energy consumption is actually a positive thing for businesses, it helps them become more efficient overall.

A Healthy Habitat For All

In the long-term, our society benefits from improved water and air quality, reduced landfills, and increased renewable energy sources. Sustainable actions help make a real difference in society. Being committed to sustainability will reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of toxins released into the environment, making it safe. When we focus on sustainability, the entire world benefits and gets to live in clean, more healthy living conditions.

Societal Impact

Encouraging the conservation of natural resources deeply penetrates not only your company standards and brand, but also employees and their families. If you make sustainability important in your business, you’re bridging a deeply important conversation to the forefront of consumerism. The societal impact can reach far and wide.

How To Be Sustainable

Fortunately, by making a lot of simple choices, you can easily make your life more stable and still enjoyable. Here is the list of easy changes to live sustainably every day. Choosing to live a sustainable lifestyle does not mean you’ll have to give things up or reduce your quality of life at all! In fact, you’ll feel more fulfilled and happy knowing your contributing to a better world.

Choose Sustainable Billing Options

Every person and business on the planet has bills that need to be paid. This is a simple way all of us can make a difference. Sort through your bills and try to go paperless as much as possible. Encourage businesses you associate with to go paperless if they’re not already. Regular billing statements can be sent to your email, making them more accessible, organized and secure. E-billing makes your life easier and is better for the environment.

Use Sustainable Products

It’s actually very easy to opt for sustainable products these days. Tons of companies make sustainability a priority. From clothing, to beauty brands, to food and energy companies. There are so many sustainable options to choose from. So choose brands that make sustainability a top priority. Choose brands that use recycled plastic or materials rather than brands that continuously add to the landfills. If you are a business owner yourself, careful planning across your business processes can help you stop sending waste to landfills. Businesses can take a lot of simple steps to achieve more sustainable practices, such as using bamboo instead of disposable plastic cutlery, replacing fluorescent tubes with LED bulbs, and hiring waste treatment contractors, etc.

Make Transportation Adjustments

Try to avoid automobiles as much as possible, at least for short distances. It will help reduce carbon emissions, thus saving the environment. You can opt for an electric car, bike, or run or walk if you live in a walkable city. Its a great way to get exercise and reduce how much you need to rely on gasoline powered transportation.

If you can’t walk or use public transportation, opt to carpool. You can offer to drive coworkers and friends rather than ride together. Or hitch a ride whenever possible. Small consistent actions really add up over the long run!

Choose Sustainable Food and Beverages

Most importantly, vote with your money. Choose sustainable food manufacturers. You can shop at local farmers markets to get tasty farm-fresh produce from local providers. Shopping at farmers markets helps reduce carbon emissions from transportation. You can also just choose brands that have committed to sustainable practices. For instance, at Blugalacier, we’re fully committed to maintaining sustainable aquaculture. This is something we’re super proud of and will always maintain.

Choose Reusable Products:

A little change in your habits can have a big sustainable effect. Opt for reusable bottles on the go. Choose reusable dishrags over paper towels, reusable grocery bags over paper or plastic bags. Also, use reusable food storage containers to pack your food safely while reducing waste.

Cut Down On Plastic

Every year, thousands of sea turtles, seabirds, and other marine mammals die because of plastic. So cut down on your plastic waste by using reusable bags when and avoiding plastic-made products. Plastic is not biodegradable, so it ends up in landfills unless reused by a brand committed to sustainability.


Recycling is the very least everyone should be doing at this point. It’s so easy and convenient to recycle. Simply make sure you have a recycle bin in your home, business, etc. All waste companies now offer recycling pick up with trash pick up so there is really no excuse!

Does Sustainability Matter To You?

Would love to know what your thoughts are on sustainability. Do you try to live a sustainable lifestyle? Do you choose to support businesses that make sustainability a priority? Try Oshen Salmon for a fresh and sustainable protein choice.

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