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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs DetailsWhat does BluGlacier salmon taste like?

The short answer – yes! Sustainably raised salmon have a perfect combination of healthy omega-3s (DHA & EPA). Learn more about the wellness aspects of BluGlacier salmon here.

Delicious! The flavor profile is exactly what you would expect from a quality piece of salmon, with light aromas and a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The texture is firm, and the taste is always consistent.

Is BluGlacier salmon nutritious?

Is BluGlacier salmon affordable?

Yes, especially considering its superior quality.

Does BluGlacier use any antibiotics?

While the use of antibiotics is controversial in the salmon industry, it’s important to remember we are working with a live animal. Truth is, animals get sick just like you and me!

It is rare for this to happen, but in full transparency, we will never say “we never use antibiotics” because the truth is — the well-being of our salmon is our #1 priority.

If one of our salmon were to get sick, we separate and treat that specific fish – not the entire school. We have veterinarians looking after our beautiful fish and they ensure they are in tip-top shape!

Do BluGlacier salmon carry any parasites or diseases?

There are currently no diseases or parasites affecting our beautiful salmon.

Does BluGlacier use any growth hormones?

Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Are BluGlacier fish treated humanely?

Our salmon are more pampered than Kim Kardashian at a spa day. All kidding aside, we take great pride in caring for our fish. Their diets are closely regulated, their pens adapt to their growing needs, and we have them on camera 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We spoil them because we only want to supply the very best protein for you.

What is sustainable aquaculture and how does BluGlacier practice it?

Let’s geek out on sustainability together. Check out the details of our sustainability practice here.

Do the salmon ever escape their pens and enter the wild? Do any wild fish enter the pens?

Our producers, Ventisqueros and Blumar have not had recent escapes. You can always check out their respective websites for full transparency on escapes.

There are no wild fish that enter the pens.

How can I find BluGlacier salmon?

You can ask your favorite retailer and restaurant if they carry BluGlacier salmon. If they don’t carry our salmon, immediately walk out of the venue!! JUST KIDDING!

We are sold across the US and Canada. Check out our Salmon Locator.

How does your salmon arrive to the U.S.? How does the salmon maintain its freshness?

Our fresh salmon arrives via passenger flights! We aim to minimize our carbon footprint, so we work with partner airlines to ship our product on international passenger flights from Chile.

To maintain optimal freshness, our salmon arrives in style in designated coolers that keep the salmon at chillest temperatures. It’s never frozen.

Our salmon stays fresh as it boogies all the way to your local retailer.

How can I safely prepare and handle seafood at home?

Handling and preparing salmon is simple!

Make sure to keep fish in the fridge or frozen before consumption. When preparing, fully cure or cook the salmon. Wash hands after cooking and before eating.

Check out our handling and storage tips.

What third-party sustainability certifications does BluGlacier have?

Our producers in Chile, Ventisqueros and Blumar, are ASC, BAP, BRC, and Kosher certified. ::Phew:: that was a mouthful!

Is BluGlacier certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)?

Our producers in Chile, Ventisqueros and Blumar, are both ASC certified. If you are interested in ASC Salmon please send us an email to: