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Direct To Consumer Salmon

The Ripple Effect

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Direct To Consumer Salmon

Direct-to-consumer is a popular model in the food industry. It’s a process that allows you, the customers to be able to buy directly from a seller. This means you bypass third-party sellers. No grocery stores, no need to get in your car. The direct-to-consumer model allows you to skip the lines at the fish markets, grocery stores, and even restaurants.

The direct to consumer model offers convenience and safety. However, it was impossible to find salmon via any direct to consumer model. Well, that’s where our new direct to consumer brand comes in. Introducing, Oshēn Salmon. Delicious and nutritious, ocean raised, ocean loved salmon delivered straight to your doorstep! 

Oshēn Salmon has a care model unlike any other. Certified by the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), they stand strong by the Global Salmon Initiative. Oshēn strives to be the best for both the consumer and the environment by creating sustainable processes, only selecting the most healthy, ocean raised, ocean loved salmon. Below is everything you need to know about Oshēn and why you and your family should make it a part of your lifestyle.

Direct To Consumer Salmon

Our ocean to consumer approach begins at the very beginning. Read more to see how sustainable care starts at Oshēn. “From egg to final product we are the only ones handling your salmon.”

Salmon Eggs

It all begins with our salmon eggs. We love the ocean just as much as we love salmon. So, our fish eggs are cared for and harvested in a manner that ensures the safety of the ocean and the environment. Sustainability and the health and quality of our eggs is always our top priority.

Ocean Raised, Ocean Loved

Once our salmon eggs hatch, the salmon is isolated in cold-water fjords of southern Chile. There, we work closely with community-supported fisheries to establish a healthy relationship with the fishermen. We also work with veterinarians to help us support healthy salmon. Growth hormones are never used. We love our fish so much that we have around the clock vets, fishers, and other staff members to help care for them 24/7. When the fish are treated with the utmost care and love, the fish are more healthy and nutritious.

Your Salmon Arrives In The US

Cargo and passenger flights bring our salmon into the US. Our goal is to use the best logistics with the smallest carbon footprint possible. So we ship our product via international passenger flights from Chile.  

The salmon is stored in designated coolers, where we keep them at optimal temperature. Cool, but never frozen. This maintains the salmon’s freshness as it journeys to your doorstep.

Frozen portions are vacuum sealed and immediately flash-frozen to promise the most flavorful experience.  

Delivered to your doorstep

Once you place an order with Oshēn salmon, just sit back and relax knowing that your salmon is on its way! Regardless if you order one box or choose to sign up for a subscription, we will deliver it directly to your doorstep. Easy, breezy! We do recommend that you are at home or have someone ready to receive your order within a few hours of delivery to guarantee freshness! But don’t stress, our packaging is insulated to perfection and will keep your salmon cold and delicious for you.

Oshēn Salmon Products For Delivery:

Currently, there are three Oshēn products that you can choose from:

The One Night Stand

This box contains 4 pre-cut 8oz skin-on salmon portions. The price for one box is $75 and ideal for two people. 

If you’re looking for recipes, you can cook the One Night Stand using our Garlic Miso Butter Salmon in Foil or you can also check out our Sweet and Spicy Glazed Salmon recipe!

The Entertainer 

The Entertainer says it all. It’s the perfect amount for entertaining. Unbox two, 2.5-pound fillets sealed in a skin pack to preserve all the freshness and deliciousness. 5lbs of skin-on salmon priced at $125 for all your entertainment needs at home.

For entertaining, check out our Lemon Grilled Salmon Skewers recipe and our Mediterranean-inspired Salmon recipe that will take you less than an hour to cook! Your guests will love it!

The Oshēn’s Twelve

This is the box you’ve been waiting to learn more about! It contains 12- 6oz portions. Totaling 4.5lbs, you can get one box for $108. This box is perfect for your weekly meal prep or entertainment needs as well.

Cook your favorite salmon with Cajun-spiced Salmon recipe by Daniel Levine or check out Chef Junard’s Kerem Coconut Salmon recipe. 

Nutritional Facts

For each 4oz salmon portion, you are looking at the following nutrition facts:

  • 240 calories
  • 23 grams of protein
  • 15 grams of fat.
  • 0 Carbs
Also! All Oshēn Salmon products have the option to subscribe and save 10%!

Are you ready to try the best and sustainably sourced salmon delivery service? Direct to consumer salmon is finally here, thanks to Oshēn salmon. Would you order it for your next dinner at home or party? Order one box or two boxes. Or, subscribe to enjoy a nice little discount. Either route, your this is the most sustainable, delicious, and convenient way to enjoy salmon. Ocean raised, ocean loved salmon delivered straight to your doorstep!

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