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How To Make Salmon Skin Chips

How To Make Salmon Skin Chips

Salmon is all in all delicious, that one is a given. But what about salmon skin? This part of the fish can get ignored by home cooks and discarded without being included in the meal. Not only does throwing it away waste perfectly good food, but you’re also missing out on some serious nutrition.

The skin of the salmon contains the highest concentration of healthy omega-3 fatty acids out of the entire fish. These fatty acids help to lower your blood pressure and even reduce your risk of heart disease. As you can see, skipping out on this part of the salmon means you’re missing out on additional health benefits. And a very tasty recipe for crispy salmon skins! 

Crispy salmon skin chips can be an amazing appetizer, midday snack, a crunchy and tasty topping for any dish, or a healthier version of your regular potato chips. They’re also great for meal prepping healthy snacks. So if you want to know how to utilize the skin to make these mouth-watering chips, we’ve got you covered! You’ll find all the details for how to make salmon skin chips below. 

How To Make Salmon Skin Chips

Choose your salmon wisely. 

Not all salmon is the same. The way it was raised has a huge impact on its quality, flavor, and effects on your health. Farm-raised salmon has higher levels of  PBC (Polychlorinated biphenyls), which are harmful chemicals that come from industrial products. You definitely don’t what those compounds anywhere near your home cooked meals! 

Ocean-raised, ocean loved salmon is nurtured within open currents and natural ecosystems, spearing you from the dangers of PBC and unsustainable practices. This is the kind of fish you need when making crispy salmon skin chips! We recommend Oshēn Salmon. It will be delivered straight to your door, in a fuss-free, direct-to-consumer method

De-skin the fish. 

In order to make crispy salmon skins, you need to de-skin your fish first! Here’s the easier way to do it without wasting any of the meat. 

Place the salmon fillets, skin-side down, on a chopping board. If you want, you can coat the tail with salt to prevent it from sliding out of your grip. Holding down the tail end, separate the flesh and the skin by cutting through it with a sharp knife towards the opposite direction of the tail end. You should keep cutting along the length of the fillet until the skin is completely separated. 

Slice and prepare the skin for cooking. 

Cut the skin into strips of approximately 2 x 3 inches. This will be an optimal chip size! Make sure to slice the fish from belly to back, not head to tail. If the strips seem a little too long for your taste, don’t worry! They will shrink when cooking. 

Season to your liking. 

Here’s where you can get as creative as you want! You can opt for some traditional salt and pepper, chili flakes for spicy flavor, butter and thyme for a French culinary inspiration, or smoked paprika for an earthy touch. There’s so many flavor combinations that will work for crispy salmon skins. You could spend a lot of time trying out different flavors. So here is a list of different ways to season salmon if you need some inspiration. Leave your seasoning of choice to settle for a couple of minutes to obtain a stronger flavor! 

How to ensure the perfect crispiness for your salmon skin chips. 

You want to pat the skin strips dry before frying them. This is a must if you want crispy salmon skin chips! By patting out any excess moisture, you’ll ensure a crunchy texture all around. 

How To Fry Salmon Skin Chips

In the oven:

Heat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooking of the chips. First you’ll want to lightly brush both sides of the skin with olive oil. Then place the salmon skin strips, shiny-side up, on parchment paper. Next sprinkle some extra seasoning on top. Bake for 10 minutes and you’re ready to go! 

In an air fryer:

After you season and pat your salmon skin strips dry, you should spray a little oil into the air frying basket of your machine. Place the strips shiny-side up and add some extra seasoning on top. Simply air fry for 8 to 10 minutes, no need to flip it, and remove to cool. That’s it, you’re done! 

How to serve salmon skin chips:

There are so many ways to service salmon skin chips. You can serve them plain, as an actual chip for a dip, as a meal topper or artistic garnish, literally anything goes! You can go for an Asian style and serve with some soy sauce and yogurt, or pair the salmon skin chips with barbecue sauce for a smoky snack. It’s up to you! They pair well with so many different meal types and styles. So go wild!

Will you be making crispy salmon skin chips soon? 

I hope this how-to guide for making salmon skin chips served you well! You are now all set to make your own crispy snack and make use of everything salmon has to offer in the process. If you need a salmon recipe to pair your chips with, check our BluGlacier recipes page to gather some serious inspiration. We also share a ton of recipes both our own and other incredible ideas on our Pinterest. Good luck making your own crispy salmon skin chips!

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