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Best Spices For Salmon

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Best Spices For Salmon

Salmon is one of the most universally beloved fish, right? Not only is it good for your health, low in saturated fats, and packed full of nutrients and fatty acids, but it can also be truly easy to cook. Especially for home cooks with no formal culinary training. This is due to the beautiful, seamless way it blends with a variety of herbs and spices. You might be wondering what the best spices for salmon are. Well, you really can’t go wrong! Almost any blend will pair well with salmon and the flavor combinations will always be sublime.

However if you’re looking for some inspiration for how to make your own tasty salmon seasoning, you’re in luck fellow home chefs! Today we’re sharing our favorite spices that pair seamlessly with salmon. Remember, even if you choose the best spices for salmon and cook it perfectly, the quality of the fish is what matters most. So whenever you’re choosing a salmon to cook yourself, we recommend Oshēn Salmon. It’s sustainable, fresh, unbelievably tasty, and can be delivered straight to your door. Now let’s get into how to choose the best spices for cooking salmon. You can find the full list below, enjoy!

Best Spices For Salmon

Smoked Paprika

Who doesn’t love a good spicy and smoky flavor? This spice works particularly well if you’re going to grill your salmon. The subtle earthiness of the paprika will turn your dish around and give it a strong smokiness, perfect for when you’re craving robust flavors. Be sure to add a tiny bit more of it near the end of the cooking time if you want that vibrant red color to really stand out on the plate.

Black Pepper

This spice is perfect if you’re making oven-baked salmon fillets and want to add a little twist to the dish. The sharp scent of the pepper and its woody flavor will take you back to forest trails and the great outdoors. The best way to season the fish with this spice is to place it on a baking sheet, add a little olive oil for extra moisture as you don’t want to make the salmon dry. You want it to flake easily with a fork after it’s cooked. Then sprinkle on the black pepper. Easy, peasy! Also don’t be afraid to be generous with this spice, as it adds a delicious spiciness to the dish! 

Garam Masala

Garam masala is a spice mixture of immense flavor, as it’s made of other strong spices like nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, and ginger. It accentuates the flavors of the salmon without overpowering them and it goes very well with salmon steaks too, perfect for the grill. You only need a dash of olive oil. Rub it on the salmon, sprinkle garam masala to your liking, then throw it on the grill! Once you’ve cooked it for a couple of minutes on each side, you’re ready to enjoy a truly tasty dish!

Cilantro With a Hint of Lime Juice

If a fresh, tangy flavor is what you’re aiming for, look no further. This spice mixture will put you in a tropical mood with just one bite! It pairs perfectly with a tasty honey or teriyaki sauce for a sweeter taste for baked salmon. After you preheat the oven, you should moisten the salmon with the lime juice before adding in your sauce of choice. The cilantro, which it’s always best served fresh, is to be sprinkled on top in generous amounts as soon as the fish is out of the oven. 

Cayenne Pepper

If you prefer your salmon hot and spicy, this is the seasoning to use. This super spicy chili will add a kick of heat to your fish dish. It can work wonders when used to cook blackened salmon on a skillet, which dramatically cuts the cooking time. It’s perfect for a quick, fiery meal and will leave your tastebuds tingling!

Ground Cumin 

I promise there are few foods out there that feel as comforting as a warm plate of cumin-dusted salmon fillets. The best part is, if you cook the salmon on a skillet, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to prepare! Just spray some olive oil on a preheated skillet, dust your fillets with the deliciously earthy ground cumin, and leave it for 5 minutes on each side, and voila. You’ve made yourself a healthy comfort food in no time. 

Rosemary With a Hint of Garlic 

This aromatic herb has a slightly minty and peppery flavor with a woodier aftertaste. Paired with garlic, it will make for an incredibly tasty yet light salmon dish. The best way to approach this spice mixture is to make a rosemary garlic rub in a small bowl to cover the fish before putting it on the grill. The final product is a very aromatic, fresh, and simple grilled salmon that pairs nicely with roasted potatoes. 

Curry Powder

Curry powder is a spice mixture that has a very unique flavor, thanks to its blend of savory and sweet spices. Paired with salmon, it can make for an earthy yet bright and vibrant dish. You can make a warm salmon curry that will quickly turn into a staple recipe during wintertime. This dish is also extra healthy, due to the anti-inflammatory compounds found in the curry powder. 

Mustard Seeds

Mustard is an amazing companion for baked salmon. It adds depth and sweetness to the fish. A great way to implement this vibrant flavor combination is to try a mustard seed crust. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds! You will need whole-grain dijon mustard and a little bit of olive oil to achieve this deliciousness. Just brush the salmon with the olive oil then coat it with a very generous layer of whole-grain mustard. Finally, back the salmon until your desired doneness.

Classic Salt and Pepper With Lemon Juice

A traditional salmon dish can easily be made at home with these three simple ingredients. The key to this flavor combination is to have a little spice, but still keep it simple and refined. This is truly a timeless baked salmon dish! Considering that a lemon wedge is a staple when serving salmon, it’s never a bad idea to just make it the star of the show. Salt enhances the natural flavors of the fish. While pepper adds a sharp, pungent touch and a good depth to the mix. 

What spices do you use on salmon?

So those were our favorite spices that pair best with salmon! Hopefully, you’ve gathered enough inspiration to start creating your own salmon seasonings at home. There are so many spice blends you can use to add more depth and variation to your dishes. So don’t be afraid to branch out and have a little fun in the kitchen. Also, if there are any spices you love to use on salmon that we didn’t mention in our list, please feel free to share them with us! We love trying and sharing new flavors with our community. Remember you can always find a multitude of tasty salmon recipes here on the BluGlacier blog to get you cooking in no time. Or check out our Pinterest for even more ideas! Good luck with your culinary endeavors! 

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