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The Two Best Ways to Cook Salmon Over A Fire

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Best Ways to Cook Salmon Over A Fire

We all love salmon because of its taste and nutrients. But honestly, the best thing about salmon is its versatility. Both in the kinds of recipes, you can make AND in the different methods for cooking it. There are a lot of ways to cook salmon and recipes that make salmon special. You can simply throw it in the oven, grill it, steam salmon in a rice cooker, or SUPRISE! You can even cook salmon over a fire, which is exciting and something different. Cue the campfire, charred deliciousness vibes.

The different methods also bring out the different flavors of salmon. So when you think of salmon cooked over a fire, think smoke, heat, and char. It’s honestly a super earthy way to prepare your salmon and we love it.

The Two Best Ways to Cook Salmon Over A Fire

Of course, you need to get your hands on the freshest salmon before you can truly enjoy any salmon recipe. We always recommend Oshēn salmon because it’s sustainable, fresh, and delicious. As we said above, this method for cooking salmon creates a unique flavor and experience, especially in the outdoors. So, here are the two best ways to cook salmon over a fire.

Cook Salmon As Skewers

If you’re cooking salmon over an open flame or campfire, the skewers area really great option. You can cut chunks of salmon with vegetables, or simply skewer the entire filet. It’s up to you! You can marinate the salmon with any desired flavors too! Honestly, anything goes. You could also try the ingredients used for these grilled salmon skewers for something unique and different. Either way, cooking salmon over the fire on a skewer is simple, engaging, and gives everyone a chance to get involved in making their meal.

After putting your salmon on the skewer, do not cook the salmon directly in the fire. You want to cook it in the heat but don’t want it to catch on fire. Think similar to roasting marshmallows! Don’t forget to continuously rotate your skewer. This way, the meat comes up roasted evenly on both sides.

Cook Your Salmon Wrapped In Foil Over The Fire

Another 10-15 minute cooking method is wrapping the salmon in foil to cook over an open flame. Cooking salmon in foil is great if you have a grill grate to place over your open fire. Or you can simply use tongs to hold over the open flame.

Cooking foiled salmon over fire is another favorite because you can add everything and anything in the foil before you cook the fish. The foil helps bring out the flavor and evenly cook the fish while retaining moisture. You’ll also reduce the chances that your fish breaks apart. Just as you would with the skewers, make sure you rotate the fish regularly to cook both sides evenly.

Are you ready to cook salmon over the fire?

We know your answer is yes, so start prepping now! Would love to know what kind of recipes you guys would cook up over the fire. Leave a comment below to tell us if you’ll try this method and what you plan to make!

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