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How To Steam Salmon In A Rice Cooker

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How To Steam Salmon In A Rice Cooker

Salmon is a versatile fish that can be cooked in many different ways. From on the stove through pan-frying, in the oven, you can grill it, and you can even cook salmon in a rice cooker!

Yes, you read that right. You can make a stellar salmon meal inside your rice cooker. Even though cooking salmon in a rice cooker seems like something new, you’re basically just steaming the salmon inside the rice cooker. This not only leads to a delicious meal but with the right prep, it can also be a lot healthier.

Here’s how you can make delicious salmon fillets in your very own rice cooker!

Before we continue and teach you how you can cook salmon in your rice cooker, let’s talk about how steaming your salmon makes it healthier than frying or grilling. Steaming is a cooking method that uses liquids such as water and vaporizes it to cook your fish.

Steamed salmon have lower fat content and also fewer calories. Since steaming doesn’t add any fat or oil to your fish during cooking, it won’t add calories or change the calories and fat that are already in your fish!

Moreover, you also get more omega-3 fatty acids from steamed salmon. Steaming keeps the meat’s fatty acids, while other methods, such as broiling, can acid out the fish. The lower heat also preserves many healthy omega-3 fatty acids a lot better than pan-frying it with olive oil or other fats.

How To Steam Salmon In A Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are more versatile than you think. If you’re a person who owns one to cook rice, you’re in luck!

Realistically, you only need two ingredients to steam salmon in a rice cooker. However, follow this recipe and spice it up for a flavor-packed dinner!

Preparing the Fish Before Steaming

Make sure that you have a fresh salmon filet by checking the appearance and color of the fish. It should not have any bruise, brown spots, or discoloration. It should be firm, smooth, and shiny. Make sure it smells fresh and that you’re purchasing from a reputable establishment. We recommend Oshēn Salmon for cooking at home. To prepare, do not remove the skin; instead, soak the salmon in the brine.

How Long To Steam Your Salmon:

Not all rice cookers are the same, so you’re going to have to experiment with the timing. However, your salmon should be cooked at around the 10-minute mark. So set a timer, then sit back and relax while you’re steaming your salmon. Then turn off the rice cooker and enjoy your beautifully steamed fillet of salmon! It’s seriously that easy.

Avoid Overcooking Your Salmon:

Avoid overcooking the salmon by taking it out of the rice cooker a hair before it becomes perfectly cooked. You should take into account the carryover cooking that happens when it’s removed from the heat source.

How to Use Seasoning and Sauces

When seasoning the salmon, make sure you do it before it’s inside the rice cooker, or else the salt might break down the proteins and make it release moisture! The steaming process will steam the flavors into your fish in a super clean and fresh-tasting way. Below are four super simple rice cooker salmon recipes to try:

4 Easy Salmon Rice Cooker Recipes:

Lemon, Olive Oil, Salt, and Pepper

Pour a dollop of olive oil on the fish and rub it with your fingers. Sprinkle salt and pepper and huge squeezes of lemon juice before cooking. This simple, easy, super fresh, and one of the healthiest ways to eat salmon.

Rosemary or Thyme

These are potent herbs that are great for intense meat flavors. Simply throw in some of the herbs plus a pinch of salt and pepper and you’re good to go! You’ll get a more earthy, warm feeling with this recipe. You can of course add salt, pepper, and any other flavors too!


You can also sprinkle salmon fillets with paprika, cumin powder, or chipotle powered for a smoky flavor. We love this one if you want something a little different than the traditional go-to salmon recipes.

Soy Sauce, Onion, & Garlic:

Simply add a little bit of soy sauce, onions, and minced garlic to your salmon. This is an Asian, super simple, and delicious way to steam salmon in a rice cooker.

Would you cook your salmon in a rice cooker?

Hopefully, you’re now comfortable adding this super-easy way of cooking salmon to your chef arsenal! If you’re looking for more ways to cook salmon in a rice cooker, check out our Pinterest. There you’ll find tons of recipe inspiration. We love experimenting with different salmon rice cooker recipes too!

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