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Salmon Bagel Ideas

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Salmon Bagel Ideas

We are all pretty familiar with the usual salmon bagel toppings. Cream cheese, capers, red onions, a tomato slice, and a delicious piece of salmon lox. So delicious! One of the things we enjoy most about this go-to breakfast recipe is that it’s so easy to prepare. Slice the bagel into two, toast it, spread the cream cheese when the bagel isn’t too hot, add your toppings, and voila! You’re done! A quick and delicious breakfast. It’s packed with flavor and superfood nutrients. There is also enough carbs, healthy fats, and protein to keep us full and energized throughout the day.

But, what if we wanted to switch things up and get away from the regular ol’ bagel toppings? Take a ride on the wild side, you will. For anyone interested in spicing up their favorite breakfast bagel, today we’re sharing a list of next-level salmon bagel ideas including toppings and twists on this breakfast buffet staple.

Salmon Bagel Ideas

Before we can talk about toppings, we need to discuss the basics. So let’s talk about choosing the right kind of salmon. Choosing high-quality, sustainable, ocean-raised, ocean-loved salmon is essential. You only want to consume the freshest, most high-quality salmon. Obviously, we recommend BluGlacier salmon, which you can now receive straight to your door via Oshen Salmon.

Alright, let’s talk toppings.

Salmon Bagel Topping Ideas

Below is a giant toppings list for salmon bagel ideas. You can even combine some of these ingredients and make it your own. All of these toppings are delicious on a salmon bagel. Get creative and try as many as you can!


Avocado isn’t so out of the box on a salmon bagel, because it’s delicious! You can throw it on sliced or mashed. Either way, it’s super tasty. Simply add some Himalayan sea salt, pepper, or even a drizzle of your favorite olive oil.

Poached Eggs

If you want to add even more protein, add a poached egg on top of your salmon bagel. You can sprinkle seasonings such as salt, pepper, and paprika to add even more flavor, or eat as is and fall in love! A salmon bagel with avocado and a poached egg actually sounds delicious too!

Hardboiled Eggs

Sliced hardboiled egg with salmon is absolutely delicious. Think Nicoise salad but on a bagel. Simply grab a boiled egg, slice it up, and throw it on top. Add your favorite seasonings and you’re good to go!


Surprisingly, grapefruit pairs quite well with salmon. If you’re looking to add fruit to your salmon bagel, add grapefruit. Simply cut thinly sliced pieces, and layer your salmon bagel with grapefruit. You just need a little bit of grapefruit. Just enough so you can taste the fruit’s bitterness and it isn’t too overwhelming!


Add an extra crunch and heat to your bagel with chopped jalapeños. You can mix the chopped jalapeño pieces with the cream cheese or avocado spread too. If you mix the pieces in with avocado, definitely add some salt and pepper to get that perfect taste in every bite!

Sliced Cucumber

Sliced cucumber on a salmon bagel totally reminds us of little tea-time sandwiches! Right? It just sounds yummy and fresh. They’re hydrating, low calorie, crunchy, and taste great with cream cheese and salmon of course.


Of course, another excellent complementary flavor with salmon is dill. You can mix dill into your cream cheese using this amazing lemon dill spread recipe. You’ll be hooked! Or, you can simply add dill and maybe even a few cucumbers for a more fresh & hydrating salmon bagel vibe.

Hot Sauce

Looking for some heat? Create a firecracker of flavor in every bite! Either add sriracha into your cream cheese or spread hot sauce directly on top of your salmon. Choose any hot sauce you like, you might have to play around to find your favorite kick of heat.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

If you’re not eating your salmon bagel with an everything bagel, this is a fun way to get the flavor. Or add extra everything bagel flavor because it’s delicious and you can never have enough of everything! Simply sprinkle the everything bagel seasoning on top to taste.


Make your salmon bagel tropical by adding mango! Mango and salmon are a dynamic duo meant to be paired. Add chunks or small slices to your bagel and top it with Tajin. Or you can throw in some chopped onions, cilantro, & lime juice for a mango salsa on top of your salmon bagel. Delicious!

Egg Salad

This one sounds fun. Create a classic egg salad spread and make a salmon egg salad bagel! You can even make it a sandwich and throw in some spinach or lettuce. Get even more creative and add some relish.


Serve your open-faced bagel with thinly sliced lemon. Lemon is a bold complement, but tastes amazing with smoked salmon! You can also use lemon wedges and squeeze it on your salmon bagel. We love lemon juice on literally most of these topping ideas too. Lemon is always good with anything salmon and cream cheese.


We love cilantro on everything. It just gives a fresh, fiesta vibe. So chop up some cilantro, mix it into your cream cheese or sprinkle it on top of your finished salmon bagel to taste.


This one is for the more adventurous. Plus, it requires some experimenting. Add sweetness to your cream cheese salmon bagel with a jam. You can go traditional jam flavors, or opt for jalapeño or some sort of pepper jam for a kick. Use a teaspoon amount and spread over the cream cheese and then add your salmon as usual.

Pickled Onions

It’s typical to fresh onions to a salmon bagel, but have you tried pickled onions? SO GOOD. Pickled onions are easier to make than you think. Try this recipe for example. You can throw them on your salmon bagel with almost any of these other topping ideas as well.


Sprouts are a great addition to a salmon bagel. They add a crunch and tons of nutrients. You can totally add sprouts by themselves, or with cucumber, avocado, pickled onions, and more.

Any Cheese Melt

Speaking of melting, add cheese to your salmon bagel! Instantly, this will add more flavor and texture to satisfy those taste buds!

What are your favorite toppings for a salmon bagel?

So, do any of these toppings peak your interest? Hopefully, these ideas have changed your mind about all the ways salmon bagels can be even more delicious. Let us know which toppings you’ll be adding to your next bagel! Plus, we would love to hear what toppings you put on your salmon bagels. Leave a comment below and we’ll add your ideas to our list.

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