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6 Desserts That Go With Salmon

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6 Desserts That Go With Salmon

Salmon has a very unique, refined flavor. It’s refreshing and subtle, can be earthy, savory, and even sweet. As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, you can pair almost anything with salmon as far as wine pairings, appetizers, sides etc. go. But what about a sweet dessert companion for salmon? Are there certain desserts that go with salmon better than others? We think so! Citrus fruits are known for brightening up flavors and that’s exactly the case when it comes to salmon. These fruits can enhance the delicate flavor of the fish, bringing it to its maximum potential and leaving your taste buds tingling. Whenever you’re eating salmon, it’s key to select a dessert that complements and builds upon its flavor to finish your meal instead of overpowering it. Balance is everything!

If you want to know which desserts pair perfectly with salmon, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing with you the best salmon and dessert pairings to end your meal on a high note. Find them below! 

6 Desserts That Go With Salmon: 

Key Lime Pie: 

This dessert is a dreamy classic, extra flavorful, and fresh. The graham cracker crust, the tanginess of the lime, and the way the filling instantly melts in your mouth make it a great pair for salmon. It’s crunchy and creamy at the same time, making it a comforting yet not too cloying or heavy dessert. The way it cleanses your palate makes it a perfect end to any salmon meal. 

Creme Brûlée: 

A culinary french staple, this silky custard is indulgent and sweet while still tasting like a complete delicacy. The burnt crust at the top gives it a bittersweet touch, and a little added fun when attempting to crack it open. The subtle flavor of the fish, particularly if it is truly fresh and ocean-raised like Oshen salmon, is perfectly accompanied by this combination of crispiness and sweetness. Although the classic flavor of this dessert is vanilla, you can always switch things up and choose a citrus filling. 

Orange Sorbet: 

The simplicity of this dessert is what makes it such a refreshing one. Fresh-squeezed orange juice, orange zest, sugar, and water are all the components of a simple tangy sorbet! It’s especially light thanks to its lack of dairy which also gives it an energizing icy texture. The intense flavor of the orange really enhances the aftertaste of the salmon. 

Yogurt Parfait: 

This dessert is a less sweet option, with a very subtle flavor that can be brightened by tasteful toppings. A citrus parfait would be the best combination for salmon, thanks to its tangy and strong flavors. With a little bit of granola and a tasty tangerine sauce, this dish can be a very healthy way to finish your salmon meal with a sweet touch. 

Ice Cream: 

If refreshing and generously sweet is what you’re looking for, a cool dollop scoop or two of ice cream complements nicely with a salmon dish. A fruity flavor would be the best, although vanilla and mascarpone are also very good choices. The creaminess and smooth texture of this dessert are what makes it a perfect pair for the fish. It truly never disappoints! 

Fruit Salad: 

All-natural, fresh, simple, and delicious. A fruit salad will work wonders after a salmon dish, especially if filled with citruses. Tangerine, orange, grapefruit, and pineapple will add acidity and tanginess to the dish. On the other side, fresh berries will add sweetness and make for a vibrant plate when combined with the more acidic fruits. To really make it fancy, consider going for a bit of shredded coconut, a few dashes of cinnamon, or even chocolate sauce on top! 

Which dessert are you craving the most? 

We hope you were able to gather inspiration for your next salmon-based meal. Ending it on a sweet note is a real game-changer! Remember you can always find new vibrant salmon recipes here on the BluGlacier blog. Also, feel free to shop our direct-to-consumer brand, Oshen Salmon. Share with us your favorite desserts to pair with salmon! The more, the merrier; as we love discovering new flavor combinations alongside our community.

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