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How to Reheat Salmon Like a Chef

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How to Reheat Salmon Like a Chef

It may be tough to recreate the juicy flavor of fresh-cooked fish, but it’s not impossible. Before you reheat last night’s salmon dinner –– and accidentally stink up your kitchen (or worse, your office breakroom!) –– follow these five chef-backed tips. 

How to Reheat Salmon Like a Chef

1. Turn Off the Microwave

Never (ever!) reheat fish inside a microwave. This will severely dry out any fillet, including salmon; and even worse, it will elicit an unfavorable, fishy aroma. We know the efficiency of a microwave may appear tempting –– but trust us, it’s not worth it.

2. Add Moisture

When reheating salmon, the fish is bound to lose some moisture. Before you pop it in the oven, rub a tablespoon of olive oil or squeeze a half lemon over the surface of the fish. Both methods help preserve the original flavor and freshness of the fish. Or, reheat salmon on a pan with a splash of water before turning on the burner.

3. Take Your Time

We know you’re hungry, but slow down –– reheating salmon (or anything, really) takes time. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and plan to leave the fillet for about 15 minutes. The lower and slower it’s cooked, the juicer and tastier it will remain.

4. Take Cover

The biggest mistake made when reheating salmon is forgetting to cover the fish. Lightly wrapping a fillet in foil helps restrict that fishy smell from escaping the oven. It also ensures the edges of the fish don’t dry out (or burn!) before the center is fully warm.

5. Get Creative

Whether salmon is pan-seared, broiled, or baked, don’t feel limited to your original recipe when reheating leftovers. Salmon is one of the most versatile proteins –– which means the fish can easily transform into a completely new recipe. Consider slicing up a leftover fillet to create a mixed greens fish salad. Or, mix in some ripe avocado (or mayo) to create salmon salad over crackers. Cold salmon fillets are always an option, too.

Finding the right salmon with bold color, light aromas, and a melt-in-your-mouth sensation can be overwhelming at the grocery store. We recommend Oshēn Salmon as your protein match delivered straight to your door just in time for your next dinner party or weekly meal prep.

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