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8 Delicious Ways To Cook Salmon

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8 Delicious Ways To Cook Salmon

Did you know that salmon has been the third most popular fish consumed every year for the past decade? It’s popular because its powerfully packed with amazing protective antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are all great for brain health. And, it tastes amazing. You can cook salmon in so many different delicious ways. You can bake it, smoke it, broil it, roast it, and even sauté. Its versatile in what you can create as a cook as well. You can turn salmon into burgers, sandwiches, add it to pasta and salads or whip it up into spreads and dips. Salmon can be sweet, salty, or for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So to inspire your next salmon dish, today we’re sharing 8 delicious ways to cook salmon. We recommend whipping up come Oshen Salmon for your next prep.

8 Delicious Ways To Cook Salmon

Caribbean Mango Coconut Salmon

Are you craving a tangy, tropical salmon dish? This pan-seared mango coconut salmon recipe is a must-try if you want to taste something new and flavorful. 

This recipe is combines the subtle sweetness of mango and fun spicy jalapeno peppers mixed with black beans and basmati rice. Adding a little bit of coconut milk and coconut oil, this colorful dish brings traditional tropical flavor all on one plate, or two!

Cajun-Spiced Salmon

Want to spice up your salmon recipe, literally? Try this jaw-dropping Cajun-style recipe incorporating southern spices and mustard. That’s right, we said mustard. Find out just how much you will love the flavors and aromas this combo has to offer.

Salmon with Vegetables in White Wine Sauce

If you are in the mood to experiment and cook your salmon using entirely different flavors, then go with this recipe. It is a winning combination of salmon, homemade granola, broccoli, and white wine sauce. These ingredients will impress your guests.

Baked Salmon Fillets Summer Niçoise Salad

This colorful dish is a perfect weeknight recipe, especially when you are craving something light. This baked salmon protein-rich meal features a traditional niçoise salad with soft-boiled eggs, olives, and grape tomatoes. You can serve this baked salad as a side or as a lunch entree with French mustard vinaigrette.

Salmon BLT

This salmon BLT is a twist on the good ol’ American classic recipe! Use thick bacon slices topped with crisp iceberg lettuce leaves and Roma tomato slices. Then, add your salmon slices topped with some magic sauce!

Traditionally, we use mayo spread for dressing the BLT, but you can be adventurous by spicing it up with a combination of lemon juice, mayonnaise, minced scallion, Old Bay seasoning, and hot sauce. YUM!

 Sweet & Spicy Glazed Salmon

An Italian inspired twist on your typical fresh salmon fillet recipe. We recommend using only the finest and freshest ingredients to make this sweet & spicy glaze. So you’ll want to plan ahead of time to make this dish. Both sauces, the Béarnaise Sauce and sweet and sour sauce, will be made from scratch. So this recipe has a cook time of about 2 hours. We promise you will fall in love!

Grilled Salmon With Sweet & Sour Vegetables

A zesty way to incorporate blends of cumin, coriander, and bell peppers. Mix in some quinoa and add a little bit of white wine to your grilled salmon. Trust us, you’re in for a delicious, light dinner. It’s a perfect recipe for date night or dinner with friends.

Cuban Salmon with Boniato and Mashed Potatoes

A popular Cuban dish, a local favorite in Miami! It’s seasoned salmon that combines mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and enchilada sauce. This combo is guaranteed to wow your guests. A hearty sauce with a light bite. It’s both filling and tastes clean and healthy. It will definitely be a go-to recipe in your household!

Whats your favorite salmon recipe?

So, now you know some fun and yummy ways to cook your salmon. These recipes make for everyday meals or for special occasions Let us know which recipe you’re going to try. We can’t wait to hear which is your new favorite! And if these weren’t enough for you, check out our Pinterest to find more ways to cook your salmon.

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